Light Filling


Our skin gets older each passing day and loses its previous brightness and vitality. The most important reason for this chance is the decreasing amount of hyaluronic acid. And the quality of the way we eat and live affects this cycle. Hyaluronic acid enables that the skin looks more moistured and alive with its intensive water retainer effect. The appearance of aliveness and fullness at the face of a baby disappears in getting older. Light filling aims to regain this lost moisture and vitality and the skin to get more concentrated again.

Light filling is divided into two as Redensity I and II.

Light filling 1 could be applied on face, on low-neck area and even on hands. This application is a new concept. One course of treatment consists of 3 sessions applied within intervals of 2-3 weeks. It shows effect and permanency up to 1.5 year.

Noticeable results emerge since the first application. The intensive hyaluronic acid is prepared that is necessary for rejuvenation of the skin and an increase in its bright appearance. Additionally, it contains 8 amino acids, 3 antioxidant, 3 minerals and vitamins for rejuvenation of the skin.

It is applicable on face, neck, low-neck area and on hands. It also reduces purple circles under eyes. With this procedure, skin starts to look more moisturized, more vibrant and at the same time wrinkle appearance is reduced. With the filled lines, a plumper skin is obtained and dark areas disappear, a noticeable recovery in the quality of skin for reflecting light.

Light filling 2, namely Redensity-2, is a new formula of hyaluronic acid produced only for lower eyelid problems. Many people look older and more tired due to pouches and darker circles under eyes. Under-eye pouches may be formed due to genetics, exhaustion, sleep disorders and an unhealthy life. The fundamental application point is decreasing the under-eye circles and pouches by filling the lacrimal lakes. In addition to that, purple circles under eyes are helped to be reduced. Moreover, with application around eyes, these areas are made to look younger.

The most significant feature and advantage of light filling is that the fill material is liquid and cannot be felt. Because other substance produced to fill the facial wrinkles are generally more consistent. These substances may pose problems such as lumping, apparency or an irregular look on the skin of the thinnest areas such as eyelid skin. With light filling 2 application, such problems will have been eliminated. Light filling 2 is applied for one session and is permanent for 1-1.5 years.

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