Laminate Verneer


Healthy gums (gingiva) have a light pinkish colour. They surround the tooth completely. There won’t be any bleeding during flossing and brushing. Any infection in the tissue surrounding the teeth starts with bleeding, the gums swell and turn red. This stage is called gingivitis.

If not treated, this may cause problems up far to the jaw bone. Mouth odour will start and the teeth will start moving, bleed and together with an infection. This stage is called periodontitis.

Main reasons:

  • Bad mouth hygiene
  • Smoking
  • Non-conforming fillings and crowns
  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Diabetes
  • Teeth grinding.

Regular and effective teeth brushing, flossing and interface brushes are very important to avoid gum bleeding. There should be regular controls and if necessary cleaning sessions. Scaling does not harm your teeth. Sensitivity to cold or heat is normal after such cleaning and will disappear within a few days.

In cases where the bone is reached, all these won’t be sufficient, it might be necessary to have a surgery under local anaesthesia.

Laminate Porcelain For Attractive Smiles

An effective smile from the correct hands is unavoidable. Thin porcelain that cover only the front of the teeth provide a bright and attractive smile.

When Should Laminate Veneer Applied?

  • When there are tooth gaps.
  • Colour problems that don’t respond to bleaching.
  • Small crooked teeth or big fillings.
  • If the person is complaining that the teeth are not visible enough or does not like the shape.

How long can those be used ?

These can be used without any problems for 10-15 years with regular tooth hygiene. Brushing and flossing does not harm.

How is Laminate Veneer applied?

The first session is to determine if this procedure is adequate for the person. If yes, then the relevant tooth is filed a fine layer to make space for the leaf porcelain. This is also possible without any filing, however the mouth smiling position and teeth need to be also adequate in such case. The teeth shape is taken with a mould and sent to a laboratory. Their conformity is checked and the leaf porcelain is then applied with a special adhesive. Total treatment duration is 5-6 days.


  • Natural and aesthetic look.
  • Is not affected by nicotine, tea and coffee.
  • Results in an aesthetic miracle with very little filing off, but without shrinking of teeth size.


  • Laminate porcelain might be an expensive procedure due to the materials and technical skill requirements.
  • Teeth might be sensitive for 1-2 days.
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