Genital Surgery For Women

What is Genital Surgery for Women?

It is possible to fix deformations having occurred due to advancing age, complications due to birth giving (stitch trace, excessive enlargement etc.), genetics and putting on and losing weight. These are procedures of making labia minora and majora smaller (by extracting excessive tissue of by liposuction), making them plumper, tightening the vagina, tightening the lower support tissue and muscles, making the pubis area thinner and higher, making the G-point and clitoris more sensitive.

If you feel pain in sexual discourse or abstain from sex, feel lack of self-confidence and have visual problems, YES, you should go under a "Genital Aesthetics Surgery".
The surgery is to be performed at our hospital with sedation + under local anaesthesia and general anaesthesia as to the practice. The approximate duration of the surgery is between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours. You may be discharged right away or need to stay at the hospital for an overnight as to the application.
You will be examined and informed by an anaesthesia doctor before the stomach stretching surgery. Blood diluent medications, vitamins and factors affecting anaesthesia such as alcohol and smoking should be discontinued starting from the date foreseen by your doctor.
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