Prof. Dr. Gürhan Özcan

College: İstanbul Erkek High School (1964-1968)
High School: Ankara Fen High School (1968-1971)
Medical Education: Faculty of Medicine of Hacettepe. (1971-1977)
Specialization in plastic surgery: Faculty of Hacettepe’s doctor (1977-1983)
Passing the Associate Professor Examination: 1991
Speaker (Doc Dr.): Faculty of Hacettepe Physician Plastic Surgery (1992-1995)
Founder of the University Service of Plastic Surgery: University of Başkent, Plastic Surgery (1995-1998)
Professor title since: 1996
The winner of the examination of EBOPRAS (The Edge of Europe of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery): 2006 Budapest
Activities at the Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Turkish Member of the Board:
Treasury: 1992-1994
Secretary General: 1996-1998
Member: 1998-2000
Vice President: 2004-2006
President: 2008-2010
Representative EBOPRAS National (1994-2005)
The National Delegate (1993 Alone, Kore)
The National Delegate to the Europe Section, IPRAS (1997 Lisbon, Portals)
The National Delegate (1995 Yokohama Japan)
The 1999 National Delegate San Francisco States Unit, 2003 Sidney Australia, 2007 Berlin Germany)
President (2005-2009) and member of the Executive Board of Competence at the Turkish Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (2003-2005)
Member of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Microsurgical Reconstructive Association (II President 1994-1996)
The Chairman of the 9. National Escape of the Association of Aesthetics and Plastic Turkish Surgery 11-15 May 2005, Swiss otel The Bosphorus Istanbul
Advisor EURAPS (European Association of Plastic Surgeons) (2004-2008)