Ceel Spray Treatment

Recell and Ceel Spray Treatment

After many countries of the world cell spray technology entered into the service of Turkish Medicine. A special kit designed and standardized form of the jam without the need for specific laboratory procedures by the doctor who performing the surgery, is prepared in only 30 minutes.

SPRAY CELL TECHNOLOGY, thanks in particular to be addressed immediately in patients with new cases over burn , at the same time burned area to be covered immediately and the risk of the formation connected to the lesion (scar) is minimized . Moreover it’s possible to cover a wide zone with a small biopsy which take place on small healthy part of patience own skin.

Cell Spray technology is applied in the treatment of many skin lesions like darkness of skin, vitiligo, old scars, acne scars, congenital giant nevus. Spray cells that can be applied in the region have sounded like nipples, lips, eyelids hands, arms, trunk and legs. After application such as areas staying medical dressing must stay on 1 week, for the cells sticks on skin. in the next one month period of the application the formation of new skin named freckling starts and it is slowly starting to turn to his normal color. Application gives a result between 1 and 3 months. With using the method of cell spray its proven to eliminate 90 percent to 70 percent of vitiligo and burn wounds, razor scars.

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