Beard Transplantation

What is Beard Transplantation?

Beard is an important accessory in men’s view. It is difficult for a man to shave a beard Every day, but the absence of a beard can be a serious social problem for the man. It is the most frequently needed reason for transplanted or sparse and messy beard transplantation. Beard transplantation can be done from the age of 20-22, when the Hormanis settled to the basal level. Beard is not like hair. Because the person can have a very different intensity. Beard transplantation can be done to anyone with Hair hairs. The operation takes place by taking hair roots from the thin-wire region or ear tops just above the top of the Two ears. On October, the skin recovered into red shells becomes the old image after a week without any traces. After a Facial hair transplant, it is expected that there is no serious pain or suffering, as in the same hairdo. It is not possible to distinguish the hair that is planted in the Beard area, i.e. the existing beard and hair bristling with the naked eye.

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